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As a woman, your health is one of the most important things in your life. As one of the leading providers of women’s health and wellness services in Alpharetta, GA, Alpha Omega OBGYN is your partner in exceptional care. We provide our patients with the most outstanding range of services designed to have you living and feeling at your peak, supporting you through even the most complex challenges with compassionate and friendly care. Our confidential service is provided to all of our patients for your ongoing peace of mind when it comes to your reproductive health.

Reproductive Health Services for Patients of All Ages


At Alpha Omega OBGYN, we promote the most outstanding levels of reproductive care for women of all ages in Alpharetta, GA. We provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your health in order to promote the most effective treatments that put you first. With decades of combined experience, our team can assist you with STD testing, menopause treatment, infertility treatment, incontinence surgery and more. We also offer dermatology and weight loss services, as well as body sculpting as part of your treatment. Our goal is to prioritize your health for ongoing support at all stages of life.

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Take control of your health with an OBGYN in Alpharetta, GA, at Alpha Omega OBGYN. To learn more about our services or for an appointment, call today at (470) 554-7870.

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Why we are different


Our OBGYN doctor is a board-certified specialist who has several decades of combined experience caring for thousands of women of all ages with a variety of OBGYN health concerns. We offer services to specifically devoted through a personalized care plan beneficial to the needs of each and every womans' progressive spouse and families.

Whether you seek routine preventive care or advanced treatment for a specific gynecologic condition, or private health concern you can rely on our compassionate highly trained and personable medical staff to be there. We provide complete, initial evaluation, up-to-date care and treatment with one-on-one follow up examination in a unique and confidential environment.

We can help you

Treatments & Procedures


Novasure for abnormal bleeding

Endometrial ablation for endometriosis symptoms

Hormone replacement therapy

STD testing

Loop Electrosurgical Excision (LEEP)

Menopause treatment

Incontinence surgery for stress urinary incontinence

Testing and evaluation for recurrent pregnancy loss

Laparoscopy surgery

Infertility treatment

Remedies for ovarian cysts, pelvic pain, preeclampsia and vaginal prolapse

Our Services


Weight loss management

Weight loss management

Dermatology and cosmetic injections

Dermatology and cosmetic injections